Vikta KomfiTilt

Continuous Lateral Rotation Therapy (CLRT) System

'making a turn for the better'

Now with added mattress grip

The KomfiTilt is a lateral rotation therapy mattress system that lays onto the bed frame, underneath the mattress and provides a lateral tilt (the length of the bed, from head to foot) of 20-25 degrees.

To provide offload and redistribution of the user's body weight, therefore reducing pressure points developing and providing a better nights sleep.

"My patient has MS is unable to alter her position in bed, contractures in lower limbs and a category 4 sacral pressure sore which nurses have been trying to heal for the last year. The Vikta KomfiTilt was placed underneath her alternating mattress 8 weeks ago and now the sore has reduced in size and has healed (to the equivalent of a category 2)."
KomfiTilt system ex VAT @£1,245.00
  • Vikta KomfiTilt
  • Vikta KomfiTilt
  • Vikta KomfiTilt
  • Vikta KomfiTilt
  • Vikta KomfiTilt
  • Vikta KomfiTilt
  • Vikta KomfiTilt


  • Fits on beds of width: 80/90/100/120cm
  • Automated 10-minute tilt cycle timeVery gentle action, almost imperceptible to the user
  • Very gentle action, almost imperceptible to the user
  • Whisper quiet pump, for no user disturbance
  • Compatible to work with alternating air mattresses
  • Weight guide: up to 200kg / 31 stone
  • Warranty: 5 years



  • Improved tissue viability for the healing & prevention of pressure sores
  • Prevents pressure points developing at vulnerable sites
  • Continuous movement to promote improved blood and lymph flow
  • Can speed up discharge from hospital, as a less comprehensive home care package is required
  • Extends the time between turns due to CLRT (good results with MS and MND patients)
  • A better night’s sleep for improved wellbeing for user and partner / carer.
  • Lower care costs; not so frequent care visits, especially at night
  • Enables use of clients existing mattress, or use of a mattress from the Equipment Loan Store
  • Easy on/off controls for multiple care staff situations

Product Features

The KomfiTilt CLRT system gently tilts the user L/N/R to relieve any pressure points developing. It is placed on the bed frame under the mattress and is operated on an independent power and pump supply:

  • Fits on any bed (underneath the mattress)
  • Can be used with foam and alternating air cell mattresses
  • Can be used with profiling beds. Back angle adjustment, Trendelenburg / Anti-Trendelenburg, Knee break

When switched on, the KomfiTilt inflates to 20-25 degrees to provide offload of pressure points and redistribution of body weight loadings then proceeds through left-neutral-right function on an automated 10 minute cycle time. The KomfiTilt CLRT comes with a unique auto-deflate CPR function on switch off.

Installation Demonstration

The Vikta Komfitilt is the perfect product to help NHS Trusts and Care Providers reduce costs and help patients return home.