"NEW" Vikta KomfiTilt System

Lateral tilt therapy

Provides offload and redistribution of the users body weight; Reducing & Preventing Pressure Areas, Helping Healing and Improving Comfort




  • Fits on beds from 80cm wide up to 120cm wide (using the adjustable width extension)
  • NEW Intelligent Pump system
  • Automated 10 minute tilt cycle
  • Simple on/off control with patient remote control available
  • 8 fastening straps to securely attach to bed frames
  • Anti-slip matting on upper and lower surfaces to prevent movement
  • Will support weights up to 320kg / 50 stone
  • Compatible with most mattress types including alternating air mattresses
  • Uniquely developed to work with profiling beds
  • 5 year warranty

  • Improved tissue viability for healing and prevention of pressure sores
  • Prevents pressure points developing at vulnerable sites
  • Continuous movement to promote improved blood and lymph flow
  • Can speed up discharge from hospital as a less comprehensive home care package is required
  • Extends the time between turns due to Continuous Lateral Rotation Therapy (CLRT)
  • (good results with patients with MS and MND)
  • - better night’s sleep equates to improved wellbeing
  • - less disturbance to husband/wife/partner/carer
  • - lower care costs due to less frequent care visits
  • Enables use of client’s existing mattress or the use of a mattress from the Equipment Loan Store
  • Easy on/off controls for multiple carer situations
  • The KomfiTilt system gently tilts the user through a left-neutral-right cycle to relieve or
  • prevent pressure points developing
  • The KomfiTilt system is placed on the bed frame under the mattress and is operated on an
  • independent power and pump supply
  • - fits on any bed (underneath the mattress)
  • - can be used with foam and alternating air mattresses
  • - can be used with profiling beds (back angle adjustment, Trendelenburg / Anti
  • Trendelenburg, knee break
  • When switched ON the KomfiTilt system inflates to 20° to 25° to provide offload of pressure points and redistribution of body weight loadings
  • Unique auto-deflate CPR function on switch off
  • - system deflates for patient transfer and personal care etc
  • Rental options available (minimum 10 day rental period)


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The Vikta Komfitilt is the perfect product to help NHS Trusts and Care Providers reduce costs and help patients return home.

Excluding VAT: £1,245.00
Including VAT: £1,494.00
  • "NEW" Vikta KomfiTilt System
  • "NEW" Vikta KomfiTilt System
  • "NEW" Vikta KomfiTilt System
  • "NEW" Vikta KomfiTilt System
  • "NEW" Vikta KomfiTilt System
  • "NEW" Vikta KomfiTilt System
  • "NEW" Vikta KomfiTilt System
  • "NEW" Vikta KomfiTilt System
  • "NEW" Vikta KomfiTilt System
  • "NEW" Vikta KomfiTilt System