Vikta AirTilt PRO Mattress

3 cycle alternating air mattress with independent continuous lateral rotational therapy for high-risk pressure ulcer patients

  • Lateral Rotation Therapy & low air loss system
  • 3 cycle alternating air mattress
  • Patient weight & cycle adjustment setting for user comfort
  • Maximum user weight: 200kg/31 stone

A successful solution for situations where there is the need for ‘continuous lateral rotation therapy (CLRT)’ and also in situations where a regular change of position of the user is required. The AirTilt mattress can reduce the amount of carer interventions or visits resulting in an improved quality of sleep for the user and husband/wife/carer, and reduce the cost of carers by extending the time required between visits for repositioning. Reduces pulmonary complications.

Product features

  • 21 cells & inflated bumper surround for stability and support
  • Power ON & fault warning alarm
  • ‘Comfort control’ pressure adjustment
  • Suitable for profiling and divan beds
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Washable removable cover
  • CPR fast deflation valves
  • Two-year warranty
Excluding VAT: £1,880.00
Including VAT: £2,256.00
  • Vikta AirTilt PRO Mattress
  • Vikta AirTilt PRO Mattress
  • Vikta AirTilt PRO Mattress
  • Vikta AirTilt PRO Mattress