Vikta AirTilt Mattress

3 cycle alternating air mattress with independent continuous lateral rotational therapy for high risk pressure ulcer patients

  • Lateral Rotation Therapy & low air loss system
  • 3 cycle alternating air mattress
  • Patient weight & cycle adjustment setting for user comfort
  • Maximum user weight: 200kg/31 stone
Excluding VAT: £1,485.00
Including VAT: £1,782.00
  • Vikta AirTilt Mattress
  • Vikta AirTilt Mattress
  • Vikta AirTilt Mattress
  • Vikta AirTilt Mattress

A successful solution for situations where there is the need for ‘continuous lateral rotation therapy (CLRT)’ and also in situations where a regular change of position of the user is required. The AirTilt mattress can reduce the amount of carer interventions or visits and can therefore improve the quality of a night’s sleep for the user and husband/wife/carer, and reduce the cost of carers by extending the time required between visits for repositioning. Reduces pulmonary complications.

Product features

  • 21 cells
  • Power ON & fault warning alarm
  • ‘Comfort control’ pressure adjustment
  • Suitable for profiling and divan beds
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Washable removable cover
  • CPR fast deflation valves
  • 2 year warranty