Palm Protector

The  palm protector provides a unique low stretch therapy to the contracted hand.

  • provides a comfortable cushioned grip with a continuous flow and redistribution of microbeads within the cushion, preventing pressure build up and shear

  • Palm Protector
  • Palm Protector
  • Palm Protector
  • Palm Protector

The filling of our Carewave cushions is composed of high quality round polystyrene micro particles.

As fine as sand, the extremely small form-factor of the beads used in our cushions allow rapid and easy positioning. They bring comfort to patients, while relieve pressure on areas with risk of bedsores.

Thanks to the combination of these micro-beads together with our polyurethane bi-elastic cover, our cushions...

  • Are light and easy to use
  • Adapt to all morphologies
  • Give support and comfort to the patient
  • Help reduce pressure