About Us

As dedicated specialists in pressure care, we’ve addressed the needs of our personal, healthcare and medical clients for over 15 years. By supplying a range of reliable products, from simple and innovative to specific and technical, we aim to provide every individual with the right solution.

We are a family run company in Hampshire and supply a range of specialist products to improve wellbeing, care and quality of life for the aged and less able. From the early days of selling air-flow mattresses, we now supply our own quality solutions from a range of categories and continue to distribute products for a selection of manufacturers.

We are proud to offer a variety of solutions to suit our clients’ needs and believe our expert knowledge of the pressure care industry is the secret to our success. Whilst ensuring we maintain our efficient service, we also work closely with healthcare professionals to explore new pressure care solutions for the future.

Meet the Team...

Paul Morrish


Passionate about providing solutions!

With a background supplying office furniture fitout and then high quality domestic furniture; the opportunity with Pressure Care Management to service the healthcare sector with pressure care and postural positioning solutions has proved very rewarding with some of the life-changing and improved lifestyle outcomes achieved.

A firm believer in going the ‘extra’ to get it right.

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01264 366 330

Ryan Gordon

Willing and helpful to ‘get it right’ for the client, Ryan’s extensive knowledge and desire to explore new solutions is invaluable in improving people’s lives with the correct equipment.

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Karl Hansen

Karl’s trade knowledge, insights, and personable approach make him best placed to deliver the Vikta KomfiTilt solution and support in the North-West of England & North Wales.

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