Pressure Care Rise & Recline

Assist-to-stand, the transfer from your comfortable seated position to standing can at times be energy draining to the point of impossible!

Riser-recline mechanisms have been designed to assist in the transfer of body weight when standing, with options of a 'tilt to stand' through to a 'straight rise' to suit particular needs.

In recline, the chair with Tilt-in-Space provides support throughout the natural body contours, helping to offload the body over a greater surface area and reduce direct pressures 

Accommodator Petite Rise & Recline Chair

The Accommodator Petite rise and recline chair is ideal for the smaller person; young, old, or anywhere in-between.


Accommodator Rise & Recline Chair

A rise and recline chair that enables function and mobility, made to suit the individual users requirements for size, postural support and pressure care.


Panorama Rise and Recline Chair

The  Panorama rise and recline chair provides excellent pressure management options with postural support, whilst offering comfort in a stylish chair that blends into your environment.



The mobile porter rise & recline chair. All the features of the Accommodator chair with wheels and push handle for mobility. On-chair battery option. Complex care, simplified!


Rise and Recline Chair Rental

Rise and Reclinet chair rental options for short term requirements.


Rock-a-Rest Legrest

The ultimate leg and foot support for comfort and pressure care. A generous 40cm (15.5") width to accommodate both legs easily

£138.00 excl. VAT
£165.60 incl. VAT