Pressure Care Heel Care

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Delta Cushion

The Delta cushion is designed for leg and trunk support in side lying. With it's three support points, it particularly supports patients suffering from knee and/or hip spasms.

£24.15 - £77.18 excl. VAT
£28.98 - £92.62 incl. VAT

Heel Cushion

The heel cushion is fixed to the mattress at the heel area with its adjustable straps. It helps support ankles, thus relieving pressure on the heel zone.

£41.80 - £68.25 excl. VAT
£50.16 - £81.90 incl. VAT

Heel Pad

The heel pad is an accessory for foot offload, cushioning and bedsore prevention

£73.10 excl. VAT
£87.72 incl. VAT

Vikta Heel Offloading Boot

A pre-inflated heel offloading boot for the healing and prevention of pressure sores to the heel area.

£25.00 - £40.00 excl. VAT
£30.00 - £48.00 incl. VAT