Preventable readmissions to hospital

The BBC reported this week about an increase in the number of people being readmitted to hospital in England with preventable conditions such as pneumonia and pressure sores. This according to Nuffield Trust research which also suggested that better care in hospital and at home afterwards could have made a difference.

Emergency readmissions, within 30 days of discharge, have risen by a fifth over the past seven years, affecting around 185,000 people last year with emergency readmissions for pressure sores almost trebling to 22,448 and patients readmitted with blood clots in a vein increasing by a third to 23,006.

These tended to be conditions that were not diagnosed during their first hospital visit and could have been prevented, the analysis found.

A key aspect of preventing readmissions is the equipment specified for patients - including mattresses, chairs and specialist products such as Vikta Komfitilt - that help people suffering with pressure sores.

We currently work with a number of NHS Trusts to advise and help with cost-effective solutions to prevent readmissions, as well as working closely with professionals to ensure our products for pressure care management continue to improve.