Mobilising Bed Bound Patients in Care Homes

As elderly people become less mobile, it is essential that they interact with other people for stimulation and general well-being. The care home environment offers a great opportunity to facilitate this, although mobility can often become an issue.

This Aspekt Care Chair has just been delivered to one of our care home clients to allow the mobility of a bed-bound resident. The chair is easy to move and offers variable comfortable positions for the user. The chair also features:

  • Butterfly cushion back for postural support.
  • Multiple independent functions, with back angle recline, leg rest elevation and adjustable foot plate.
  • Tilt-in-space, to provide a tilt for pressure relief and redistribution whilst maintaining the hip, knee and ankle angles.

The stylish design of the Aspekt Care Chair and its ease of use and function has already attracted an order from a visitor to the care home.