iSURO Mattress and The Centrobed Turning Bed

We recently teamed up with Centrobed, one of the UK's leading manufacturer of bespoke specialist beds, to look at the benefits of the ISURO Microbead Mattress with one of their turning bed solutions.

The benefits of the microbead postural support, as well as the pressure care benefits from the mattress offered excellent results for patient support, helping to maintain the patients’ position when turned -  cocooning them in a supported position - as well as maintaining the support when the bed moves to a new position.

With the movement of the bed, the flow of repositioning happens with the microbeads in the mattress, reducing the shear and friction forces normally experienced on a foam mattress when the turning bed changes position.

Pictured is Paul Morrish of Pressure Care Management testing the bed, with Andy Moyne of Centrobed on controls.