Reducing Burdens on the NHS and Costs for Care Providers

Delays in discharging patients out of hospital after treatment could be costing the NHS in England £900m a year* according to an independent review published in 2016, which highlighted that nearly one in 10 beds was taken by someone medically fit to be released.

The report, which suggests that as many as 8,500 beds in acute trusts are being blocked also highlighted that the NHS spent £11bn in the private sector in 2015 - a rise of 11% on the previous year*.

To put this into context, we were recently advised by a commissioner at an industry event that a standard hospital bed costs the NHS around £400 per night, or £1,200 per night in ITU Intensive Care.

So, the challenge seems, how do we free up much-needed hospital beds without extending budget requirements for private care providers?

Having conversations like this helped us develop the Vikta KomfiTilt, a Continuous Lateral Rotation Therapy (CLRT) System, which is allowing private care providers the ability to ensure comfort for patients at home, without the need for 24-hour carers in place.

The mattress fits easily onto the bed and has an automated 10-minute cycle, with a gentle action for better sleep and offers improved tissue viability for the healing and prevention of pressure sores. 



If you would like to talk to us about how the Vikta KomfiTilt is helping ease the burden on the NHS, why not contact us to find out more?