Multiple Sclerosis and Sleep Issues

Poor sleep is a common problem for people living with multiple sclerosis, with about 50% of people said to experience some form of sleep disturbance during the night.*

This can obviously have a huge impact on daily life with low energy levels and fatigue a common problem, which only impacts the daily issues associated with MS.

There are a number of reasons why someone with MS may wake in the night; including spasms and pain, restless leg syndrome, side effects of medication or the need to urinate in the night.

Pressure care management is a key aspect of ensuring comfortable positioning during both the day and night and is a large part of the work we do, helping people to effectively manage the pressures their bodies face 24 hours a day, reducing sores and improving levels of overall comfort.

The Vikta KomfiTilt is an ideal solution to provide an undisturbed nights sleep; especially for people with MS (multiple sclerosis), MND (motor neurone disease) and palliative care.

The lateral rotation therapy mattress lays onto the bed frame, underneath the mattress, and provides a lateral tilt of 20-25 degrees (the length of the bed, from head to foot). This provides offload and redistribution of the user's body weight and the gentle motion, working without disturbance, helps to reduce pressure points developing and provides a better nights sleep.

The feedback we have had suggests that it’s the perfect complement to an alternating air-flow mattress, providing the perfect alternative for a good nights sleep when used with a foam mattress if someone cannot tolerate an alternating air mattress.

Everybody deserves restful sleep, including the whole family (and carers), and we are pleased to see the uptake for the Vikta KomfiTilt in homes, care homes and hospitals across the UK. With the easy on/off function, the system is ideal for multiple carer environments, reducing nursing costs and speeding up hospital discharge with a reduced package of care required.

"My patient has MS is unable to alter her position in bed, with contractures in the lower limbs. The Vikta KomfiTilt was placed underneath her alternating mattress eight weeks ago and now the sore has reduced in size and has healed to a grade 2."

More advice on improving your sleep can be found on the MS Trust website. Or find out more about the Vikta KomfiTilt here.